On 21st April 2023, Sachkhand Foundation successfully organized a dynamic youth summit named AAGAZ at Mata Sundri College for Women. The event aimed to encourage the youth towards upcoming entrepreneurship opportunities across various industries. With a diverse range of participants, the summit consisted of four main panels focusing on makeup artists, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and mentors. Notably, Mr. Harmeet Singh Kalka, President of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Committee, graced the occasion with his presence. 

The AAGAZ Youth Summit served as a major catalyst for empowering the attending youth by providing them with valuable insights into the entrepreneurial world. Through interactive sessions, and discussions the summit aimed to shape the decision-making processes of young individuals, encouraging them to embrace entrepreneurship for a better future. Many renowned artists like Evan Luthra, Masterchef finalists Gurkirat Singh and Kamaldeep Kaur, Renowned singers Sharn Jhutty, Mehtab Virk, Juss and Mix Singh added significance to the event. The summit promoted youth engagement, providing them with exposure to entrepreneurial opportunities. Attendees gained valuable insights from successful individuals in various fields, broadening their horizons and instilling a sense of purpose and passion. The event facilitated a unique platform for artists, entrepreneurs, and mentors to share their life stories and experiences. Attendees gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges, triumphs, and strategies employed by successful professionals in their respective fields.

In conclusion, AAGAZ turned out to be a huge success for the whole Sachkhand Foundation team as well as the entrepreneurs present there because of the wholesome efforts put in by the volunteers of Sachkhand Foundation.. By providing a platform for engagement and learning, AAGAZ encouraged young individuals to pursue a prosperous future. 

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