Hope Amidst the Deluge: Flood Relief Initiatives in Haryana and Punjab.

The Sachkhand Foundation (SKF) embarked on a crucial mission to provide flood relief to the flood-affected regions of Haryana and Punjab. The floods in the area had caused significant damage to infrastructure, disrupted essential services, and left many residents in dire need of assistance. SKF took proactive steps to address the immediate needs of the affected population.


The team of Sachkhand Foundation commenced their journey to Punjab and immediately began providing relief to the people residing in Shahbad, Haryana. The residents of Shahbad were grappling with significant issues like power cuts and a lack of drinkable water due to the flooded conditions. SKF swiftly responded by supplying necessities, including mineral water, to address the immediate water crisis. On the following day, SKF continued their journey to Punjab and extended their relief efforts to Mansa and Fatehgarh. These regions were severely impacted by the floods, with water levels reaching alarming heights. The flood exacerbated the issues faced by women in the area, especially concerning sanitation. SKF identified this critical need and provided women with sanitary pads and other essential items to ensure their health. In the subsequent days, SKF expanded its outreach to other flood-affected areas, such as Ludhiana and Ambala in collaboration with Khalsa aid. The flood relief mission faced several challenges, including complex logistics, inaccessible areas, and the need to navigate through floodwaters to reach those in need. Nevertheless, SKF’s team demonstrated extraordinary resilience and dedication to serving the affected communities.


Through their relief operations, SKF played a vital role in alleviating the suffering caused by the floods and helped in restoring normalcy to the regions. The Sachkhand Foundation’s flood relief efforts in Haryana and Punjab were commendable. Their timely response and dedication to essential assistance to the flood-affected communities exemplify their commitment to humanitarian causes.

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