Journey of Solidarity: Visit to a Pakistani Refugee Camp on Independence Day.

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day (August 15th, 2023.) Sachkhand Foundation (SKF) organized a visit to a Pakistani refugee camp situated in Maijlis Park. The purpose of the visit was to extend solidarity, support, and essential supplies to the families and students living in the camp. The visit provided valuable insights into the lives and challenges faced by the refugees, emphasizing the importance of humanitarian efforts in alleviating their living conditions.

The visit commenced with an interaction with Mr. Vikram, a teacher who arrived in India from Pakistan in 2018. He shared his journey of teaching Hindi to the refugee camp’s students. The camp is home to approximately 250 students, who have been residing in India since 2012. Despite their long stay, they faced limited access to proper living conditions and educational resources. It was revealed during the interaction that the students had minimal exposure to the Hindi language back0–0 in Pakistan. The dedication to educate them highlights the resilience and determination of both the students and the teacher. Despite facing significant challenges in terms of living conditions, the residents of the camp displayed remarkable gratitude for the little they had. Families shared their experiences and stories, showcasing their ability to find joy in small things. As part of the visit, Thousands of sanitary pads were provided to women, addressing a crucial aspect of women’s health and hygiene along with providing ration kits and other necessities. In addition, Mr. Nehru Lal, the head of the camp, interacted with the SKF team. He shared the challenging circumstances that led him and others to leave Pakistan in 2013. His narrative shed light on the difficulties faced by the refugees, including the reasons for their displacement.

The visit to the Pakistani refugee camp in Maijlis Park on Independence Day was a poignant reminder of the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The distribution of supplies not only provided essential resources but also conveyed a message of compassion and solidarity, reaffirming the commitment to fostering a more inclusive and caring society.

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