In a world often marred by division and strife, Chabeel Sewa stands as a testament to the inherent goodness within humanity. It reminds us of the profound impact we can have on one another’s lives through simple acts of kindness.

For remembering the supreme sacrifices of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the team of Sachkhand Foundation organized Chabeel Sewa in the month of June.

The fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, became the first Sikh martyr in 1606 after he refused to change the Sikh scriptures as ordered by the tyrannical Mughal Emperor Jahangir, in an effort to curtail the Guru’s growing influence in India. He was tortured by being made to sit on a red hot plate, whilst hot sand was poured over him. Instead of remembering this event through mourning, the Guru taught the Sikhs to accept God’s will as sweet. Therefore, Sikhs changed negativity into positivity by turning an attack upon them into a chance to serve others. We honour the Guru’s burning by cooling everyone else. 

SKF organized Chabeel (Roohfza Milk) Sewa on 4th of June,2023 near Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi.

The team began by doing Ardaas to seek Babaji’s blessings. It was carried on by preparing Chabeel using milk, sugar, water, and Roohfza. All the members served  chabeel in glasses to the people all around and their reactions were overwhelming. Chabeel brings big respite to people on road as  it quenches their thirst and boosts their energy. In this hot weather, the people on the road got refreshed by having this Chabeel and had a smile on their faces.

This day of sewa has filled everyone with immense happiness and gratitude. SKF looks forward to continue to keep serving people in the name of god and leave an impact of simple acts of love and kindness amongst one and all.

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