GRATITUDE AND INSPIRATION: a visit to blind school.

On May 4th 2023, to mark the auspicious occasion of the 2-year anniversary of Sachkhand Foundation, a visit to the Akhil Bhartiya Netrahin Sangh Blind School was organized. The visit aimed to foster interaction and understanding between the members of Sachkhand Foundation and the students of the blind school. The event provided an opportunity to learn about the lives of the students and appreciate the challenges they face daily. 

The visit commenced with warm interactions between the students and the members of Sachkhand Foundation. These conversations served as a platform for both parties to understand each other’s lives better. The students enthusiastically shared their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. It was a humbling experience for the volunteers as they gained insight into the resilience and determination of the visually impaired students. Along with this, to create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere, a series of playful activities were organized. One such activity was a cricket match. Despite their visual impairments, they showcased extraordinary teamwork, coordination, and enthusiasm. The members of Sachkhand Foundation actively participated, further fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. The visit to the Akhil Bhartiya Netrahin Sangh Blind School evoked a profound sense of gratitude among everyone present there. Witnessing the daily struggles and triumphs of the visually impaired students made them appreciate the privileges and opportunities they often take for granted. It served as a reminder to be grateful for everything they have and to continue working towards creating an inclusive society where everyone’s abilities are recognized and celebrated.

The blind school visit organized by Sachkhand Foundation on the occasion of their 2-year anniversary was a resounding success. The event provided an opportunity for meaningful interactions, fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the visually impaired students. The playful activities, especially the cricket match, showcased the remarkable talents and capabilities of the students. It left a lasting impact on the members of Sachkhand Foundation

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