Deluge of Hope: Sachkhand Foundation’s Flood Relief Efforts in Delhi.

The Sachkhand Foundation, comprising of dedicated volunteers and members, responded promptly to the disaster to provide aid and support to 1000s of people stranded and struggling in the floodwaters. The foundation focused on distributing essential survival items, food, dental kits, and sanitary pads to meet the immediate needs of the affected people and families. The main objective of this flood relief operation was to alleviate the suffering of flood-affected individuals, families, and even animals stuck in inundated areas without access to basic necessities.

The team members, fully equipped with essential resources, ventured into the flood-affected areas around Red Fort Delhi, Mayur Vihar, and other locations to assess the situation. Upon reaching the affected areas, the foundation’s team encountered numerous people and even dogs trapped in locations filled with water. These individuals were left without access to food and clean water. The team immediately initiated rescue, ensuring that those stranded were safely evacuated to temporary shelters and provided with the required care. Understanding the specific needs of women in flooded areas, the members of Sachkhand foundation also distributed sanitary pads to provide women with hygienic and safe options during their menstrual cycles. This effort aimed to ensure the well-being and dignity of women amid the disaster.

The flood relief efforts carried out by the Sachkhand Foundation in Delhi exemplify the power of community-driven initiatives in times of crisis. The whole team’s dedication and commitment to helping those affected by the floods made a significant difference in the lives of numerous individuals and families. 


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