New Beginnings and Fond Farewells: A Report on Sachkhand Foundation’s Core Team Induction and Farewell Ceremony.

February 25th, 2023

The Sachkhand Foundation recently held its induction meeting on February 19th, 2023 with the aim of welcoming new core team members on board. The meeting began with a few fun activities where a few games were played between the members to create a cordial and welcoming environment between the new core team members. After the fun activity, the existing core team members briefed the new members about the foundation’s missions and objectives along with telling them about their experience and how sachkhand helped them build into a better version of them. It was indeed an overwhelming experience for everyone to get to know each other throughout this ceremony. The presentation of the new core team members followed, and each of them was given a post badge to signify their new position. Along with this, they were given an overview of the various initiatives and programs undertaken by the foundation to serve the community and the major events that are going to happen in the upcoming months. Each new member was then presented with their roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, the induction meeting involved handing out “Letter of Appointment” to the newly recruited core team along with goals that they are required to achieve within the working tenure. The team was advised to review the Foundation’s documentation and begin their roles immediately.

This meeting also served as a platform for Sachkhand Foundation to organise a farewell ceremony as well for all its core team members of the previous tenure i.e.  for the team of 2022-23. The Foundation recognized their efforts and thanked them for their dedicated service. All the members were felicitated with trophies of their designations to appreciate them for their work throughout the tenure. It was an immense pleasure to have this meet up and make goodbyes while the others are on board with us even in this tenure. All the members spoke about their experience and how they’ve learned several skills while handling the drives and events.

We reminisced the highlights of the year and realised that we’ve made memories to be cherished forever.

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