Breaking the Chains of Depression: A Report on Sachkhand Foundation’s Freedom from Depression Drive.

On August 5th, 2023, the Sachkhand Foundation organized a remarkable event named the “Freedom from Depression” at Connaught Place, Delhi. The purpose of this drive was to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals struggling with depression, offering them an opportunity to interact with others facing similar challenges. The event aimed to promote emotional healing, encourage open communication, and provide valuable advice for coping with depression.

The drive featured several engaging activities to foster emotional expression. One of the central attractions of the event was the Emotion Board, where attendees could express their feelings through art. Participants printed their thumbs in the shape of a heart with paint and used this as a canvas to scribble down their emotions which provided people with a cathartic feeling. Members of the Sachkhand Foundation actively engaged with the attendees, initiating conversations about their experiences with depression. The personal interactions facilitated a sense of understanding. During these conversations, individuals were encouraged to share their coping strategies and personal advice for dealing with depression. The participants generously offered guidance based on their own experiences. The event also featured boards offering free hugs, allowing attendees to receive physical comfort and warmth. Additionally, a designated safe space was set up for individuals to vent out their feelings without judgment.

The Freedom from Depression Drive was an impactful event that provided an environment of emotional healing and support. It succeeded in providing a safe space for people’s feelings. By encouraging open communication, breaking the stigma, and offering practical advice, the event played a vital role in helping individuals fight depression.

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