Inaugural Induction Ceremony: A Recap of Sachkhand Foundation’s Informative Orientation.

August 18th, 2023.

The Sachkhand Foundation (SKF) hosted an induction ceremony on 12th August 2023 to welcome new volunteers into its vibrant community. The event aimed to introduce the volunteers to the foundation’s mission, values, and ongoing projects, while also outlining their roles and responsibilities within the organization. The ceremony proved to be an inspiring platform for both existing and new members to unite in their commitment to creating a positive impact on society.

The induction ceremony commenced with a warm welcome extended to all the new volunteers by the foundation’s leadership. Each volunteer was introduced, allowing everyone to put faces to names and begin building connections. During this segment, the volunteers shared their personal motivations and expectations for joining the foundation. Along with this, Each department head provided insight into their department’s focus, goals, and the specific projects they were involved in. This served as an opportunity for the new volunteers to understand the diverse areas of work that the foundation engages in. The departmental heads also discussed the roles and responsibilities that volunteers were expected to take on in their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, Whole team of SKF delivered an overview of past projects that had successfully created positive impacts in various communities along with putting focus into the upcoming projects. Throughout the induction ceremony, a strong emphasis was placed on the foundation’s commitment to creating lasting social impact.

In conclusion, the induction ceremony organized by the Sachkhand Foundation on 12th August 2023 served as a powerful platform for integrating new volunteers into the foundation’s community of change-makers. As the new volunteers step forward to contribute their skills and passion, they are well-equipped with the knowledge and inspiration needed to make a meaningful impact within their communities and beyond.

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