Sachkhand Foundation

Registered NGO with Niti Aayog and working with the motto of Sarbat Da Bhalla in the fields of Sewa, Service, Education, Healthcare and Environment Protection.

About Us

Sarbat da bhalla

Sachkhand Foundation, Founded in May 2021, is working relentlessly with the motto of “Sarbat Da Bhalla” (welfare of all). We are a team of young and energetic people who want to bring a change in society by bringing a sustainable impact in the fields of environment protection, education and healthcare. We have more than 1000 volunteers across India working tirelessly for the people.

We have 4 projects running as of now:

Our Initiatives

Helping all people of all caste and races


Meditation And Happiness Session

This Sewa is done free of cost to help people stay in good mental health and stay positive during these covid times.

Time: 8 AM & 9:30 PM Daily | Duration: 20 min each session

Message on +91 8447078033 to get added on the WhatsApp group.


Free Telephonic Doctor Consultation

We are providing free relephonic doctor consultation for critical and home isolation patients in a collaboration with Connecting4Covid. Appointments are on availability basis only.

For booking an Appointment contact us on below number

Taranjot: +91 8287007747 | Shruti: +91 7289056555

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Free Ration kits to Needy Families Across Delhi

We’re now giving ration kits to needy families free of cost across Delhi. Our Ration kits will include all the necessary items used in a day to day life. It will be given to the needy ones after complete verification.

Send your Phone number, Aadhar Card, number of members in the family and address on below WhatsApp Number

+91 8287007747 | +91 9311041935

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Delivering Amrit Jal & Kadah Prashad at Your Doorsteps

We’re now delivering Amrit Jal & Kadah Prashad of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Gurudwara Nanak Piao at your Doorsteps across Delhi.

Contact us at:

Japjeet Singh Kharbanda: +91 9910556424
Tranjot Singh Batra: +91 9654545678

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Providing Oxygen Cylinder And Refilling

With the blessing of almighty and sangat we are  now providing oxygen cylinder and refilling all over Delhi.

For more contact us on below number

Tranjot Singh Gulati : 8287007747
Jasraj Singh Narang: 9718184455

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Dog Feeding

Millions of stray dogs go hungry in India each year, let’s do our part to change that.

We will be feeding stray dogs to make sure no stray dog goes hungry!

We urge you to feed helpless dogs in your neighborhood if you haven”t already.

Equality for all

Donate towards a happier tomorrow

Sachkhand Foundation has been tirelessly working towards providing a better future for all. They have numerous projects that cater to all segments of the society and are excelling in the field of education, healthcare, distaster relief and Sewa

Our Reports

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Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of reports that showcase the incredible impacts we’ve made in the lives of those we serve. From heartwarming success stories to detailed accounts of our initiatives, these reports are a testament to the differences your support has made.

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We have impacted 1000s of life till now

Our Projects

Discover Our Impactful Projects: Explore the initiatives that drive positive change

Project Hifazat

The women living in shelter homes had been left to fund for themselves due to the employment crisis pushed by the COVID- 19 pandemic. They resorted to using unsanitary methods like cotton and newspapers to fulfil their menstrual needs that further increase the risk of contracting infections. That is when Project Hifazat came under action, We aimed at spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and providing hygienic solutions and sanitary napkins to the underprivileged women. A sub-part of Project Hifazat, Aziyat-meaning trouble suffering or pain in Urdu, is an initiative started by Sachkhand Foundation. Wherein we set up period pain simulators for men. Each experience lasts only from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. To ensure proper safety and precautions, all participants are asked to sign consent forms/undertakings stating that their body is free from any lower abdominal/kidney problems. All the funds that are raised are used to sponsor sanitary napkins for underprivileged women to ensure hygienic and secure menstruation.

Project Education

Under project Education, Sachkhand Foundation aims to provide education and skills to underprivileged children who lack access to basic education. Through this project, we strive to improve the lives of these children and enable them to reach their full potential. The aim is to empower children and enable them to become self-sufficient and independent along with creating a positive impact on the lives of children and their families; With our focus on education, we are working towards building a better future for these children and their communities. The project focuses on teaching underprivileged children and imparting them necessary education to compete in this world. A sub-part of Project Education, Aagaz was an event or program that provided an opportunity for young people, typically between the ages of 12 and 25, to take a break from their daily routines and engage in a focused and structured period of reflection, learning, and personal growth. The auditorium was full of renowned speakers who’ve excelled in their fields to share their life experiences and struggles throughout their career building stage to help and shape the young minds present there. The theme revolved around entrepreneurship and skill development, which helped everyone have a transformative experience with various opportunities to connect with their peers and mentors.

Project Medical Aid

Under this project, Sachkhand Foundation aims to provide medical assistance and support to those in need, especially in remote areas as according to data from India’s largest nationwide survey on social consumption, which was performed between July 2017 and June 2018, just around 10% of the poorest one-fifth of Indians in rural (10.2%) and urban India (9.8%) had any kind of private or government health insurance. a variety of specialists say that those who are impoverished frequently have to borrow, spend down their resources, put off getting treatment, or receive subpar care. We have distributed over 10,000 hygiene kits to the slums of Delhi. Under this project, we have a seasonal segment called Warm Winters. This involves setting up centres all over Delhi where people donate their warm clothes that are distributed to the underprivileged by the volunteers of Sachkhand Foundation along with blankets and hot milk or tea.

Project Environment protection:

This project has been initiated to protect the environment and to fight the rising pollution. It focuses on working towards overall environment protection concerns and hazards that surround it. A sub part of project environment, Rukh Langar which means a Langar of plants, under which we aim to distribute medicinal plant saplings throughout the year. We have distributed over 200000+ plant saplings till now.

Project Rukh Langar

This project is initiated to protect the environment and to fight the rising pollution. Through this project we aim to distribute around 50,000+ plant saplings in the upcoming year in Delhi and other areas in India. We have distributed around 2000+ plant saplings till now. We are working day and night to distribute more and more plants inthe form of Langar Prashad to people.

Project Disaster Relief:

The three R’s of disaster management are Readiness, Response and Recovery. In 2020, when the world came to a pause due to Covid, Sachkhand Foundation was born. Our team worked tirelessly round the clock to provide langar, oxygen cylinders and medicines to the doorsteps of the ones affected. In 2023, when North India faced the wrath of nature and floods erupted at a massive scale, our team of dedicated volunteers came on ground to reach out the affected areas and provide essential items to the ones in need. Our safety and concern comes second to the need of the nation.

Meet Our Team

Working round the clock to arrange resources, supplying oxygen cylinders to the people in need

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Ajeet Singh

Founder & Chairman

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Taranjot Singh


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Manmeet Kaur

Trustee & Treasurer

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